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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 18, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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(male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news >> the burials continue and
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the small connecticut town of new town where a 20 year- old boy went into the school that you see there and kill 20 little children. six employees and before that he killed his mother and then killed himself. the questions continue this morning about why he did it. >> it will be a week of funerals here in new town conn. charlotte bacon as well as just a cut rate goes both 6 years old will be that the next laid to rest. the morning continues in new town conn. today to more little victims will be laid to rest. on monday but mourners said a final goodbye to six year-old jack pinto. >> it is sad, very sad. it is hard to take this, losing
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a sixth gradin a gardener. >> it is so close to home >> students had back to school on tuesday expect for sandy hook elementary students. the equipment was taken from the sandy hook school to another town where the sandy hook students will return to class. >> we are putting our arms around people. >> it is still hard to know why the 20 roll open fire at the elementary school. authorities are analyzing evidence in talking with witnesses hoping to find answers. >> we know as investigators the people of connecticut and the people of this town of new town want to know what happened. we're going to do that. we are going to provide them with all of the information and paint a crystal clear picture as much as we possibly can. >> we know that the atf will
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be canvassing all of the gun ranges in this area. this is because domestic it is learned that the shooter used to go the target practice. >> we're also learning more this morning about the gunman in that shooting. adam lanza was his name. a former director of securities said that adam lanza and have as burgers syndrome and never knew that he was capable of this violence. he tried to buy a gun at dix sporting goods last week and was unsuccessful at that task. the chain has now pulled certain kinds of semiautomatic rifles off its shelves. >> since the shooting in conn everyone is concerned about security. residents in los gatos fresh off the
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shooting want to stop a gun and shot from opening. will tran is live on the same. >> they were already against the shop before what happened in conn. many people arguses place even though we already have their permits. the police have gone and made sure everything is in place and say for the public. many people say that is not good enough because there is a playground nearby also an apartment. they're upset with the city of los gatos saying they were never notified that there was someone out there looking to open a gunshot. the city's manager says bylaw we don't have to tell anyone when a
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shop is being opened, it is not a public hearing. a lot of people were upset about this. a lot of people were contemplating coming out to protest. we'll take the camera off the track by just a show you that as far as businesses go it's across the street from an auto body shop, a barber shop a place three new pedicures down the road as well. they opened it up and trying to be good neighbors. they did nowill havea law enforcement officer with years of experience on and making sure everything is on the up and up. people are trying to do everything they can to stop the guns out from opening just days before it is slated to open. >> at 615 another story of a hero stemming from the tragedy. we will hear from a neighbor who provided
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shelter for students when adam lanza opened fire. we're also focusing on the many victims that will be laid to rest this week. at 64511 other check on the latest details. >> developing news out of palo alto sand hill road is closed in both directions between el camino and our railroads. i driver under the influence ran into a fire hydrant. the fireman has shut off in the driver has been arrested. no one was hurt. >> now let's focus on weather as you head out the door. we headed off to and the hong. >> we are five to 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. we could see some patchy frost
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and maybe some north bay fog. visibility right now is not a problem anywhere. the rest of the day partly cloudy and maybe breezy at times. tomorrow a freeze warning is in effect for the north bay. it means it will be very cold temperatures. we are talking widespread 30's in some spots getting into the 20s and early tomorrow morning. otherwise, tomorrow will be mostly sunny and dry. they're ready for another storm coming on thursday know. temperatures as are waking up and getting ready to state morning it is mid-40s in downtown stamford cisco, 39 for nevnavato. temperatures will continue to drop for the next couple of hours. have monday is coming in in the upper 40's. we are watching for is the rain to a arrive.
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by thursday we will find that out for you. we will also get your seven day forecast a little later. the time is 6 07 a.m. and here is george. >> we are starting at the san mateo bridge were the drive times are still seven minutes from the westbound to ease the ride. the slowest traffic is still to be found on highway four and interstate 580. for the east bay that is where you'll find a slow traffic. the south bay peninsula and north bay conditions are still pretty light and problem free. >> 6 07 and coming up on the kron4 morning is a well- known international correspondent is 3 this morning. we will have the details of the kidnapping of richard angle. we will tell you how security is changing after the attack at a popular east bay trackinhiking track. we wile
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>> 610 and we're keeping an eye on wall street. signs are leading us to think that may be a deal is taking shape regarding the fiscal cliff. we'll have to wait
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and see. there is some back and forth between the white house and members of congress. house speaker john maynard suggests that they remained open for progress by the white house. -- john bay near account deficit that is being released and it we will see reports from bay area based oracle. >> a reporter and his crew held for five days in syria have been freed. abc news that says 80 corresponded richard angle is now safe, unharmed and out of the country. they were captured on thursday and were finally freed yesterday in a firefight at a checkpoint manned by rebel fighters. they ran into them as they were being moved. nbc says
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while the crew was missing there was no claim of responsibility and no claims from the captors or requests for ransom. daniel enna-way has passed away. >> we will have a quick check when we come back.
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>> up we are hearing more stories of courage and heroism. on friday morning before anyone knew what happened he discovered six terrified children and a school bus driver on his front lawn. rose and invited them into his home and describe what happened next. >> they just start talking. the two boys mostly talk. they said we can't go back to that school. we can't go and. our teacher is dead, what are we going to do we don't have a teacher. i could not take that and, i could not accept that. i
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just listen to them. the boys said it was a big data in a small gun. then they said there was blood, i knew. they said her name and i prayed that it wasn't that teacher and it was. >> the teacher the children were talking about was victorious out of. she shooter students and corner room to get away from the gunfire. those kids somehow got away and were able to get to rows of home. he gave them jews in some of his grandson's toys to comfort them and then called their parents. >> we're looking at very chilly conditions this morning. tomorrow it will be even colder. this morning we could see some patchy fog, especially in the north bay where temperatures will be called as. also there's a
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possibility for some north bay fog. this after and partly cloudy, only slightly a chance for a shower and the north bay. tonight clear skies and temperatures will drop very quickly. you'll notice a frost advisor is also in effect for the shoreline and the interior eastern bay. we'll talk more about that in just a minute. temperatures right now it is called and napa 36 and about 39 and mid-40s in downtown san francisco. oakland is at 44, 45 for redwood city and san mateo. concord is cooling down to 37. these numbers will continue to drop over the next couple of hours. satellite and radar shows as clear skies overnight but we will see clouds today. it was a dry for most of us with temperatures a little below the average. we may see a slight chance for some showers in the north bay.
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i'm not worried about any major rain until thursday. it will be widespread by then. we will see showers and rain coming through with a breezy conditions. i have that we have cold air to deal with. this is why we have a frost advisory in effect. the bay shoreline communities and also anterior east bay area at the fuse that is kind of a freeze warning. lows in the 20 thursday. and bring in a sense of plants or cover them otherwise the temperature may kill them. future cast four starts tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. and clouds increasing our and head of the next storm system. we have some snow falling around the ukiah area wednesday night. the
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green is rain and the yellow is a more moderate to heavy rainfall. north along the coast we will see it the showers and rain are arriving. it could be pretty moderate in heavy at the time. the north bay communities could pick up 2 to 4 in. in the next storm. 52 today and south of downtown san francisco. 51 and center fell in half moon bay. the high stopping out lota mid-50s for concord, antioch, and pleasanton. 7 day around the bay is a very cold start tomorrow morning. it will be the colas we've seen all year long. -- coldest we have seen monday as christmas eve and i think we can all see some showers as well. the time is 6:20 a.m. and here is george
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with traffic. >> the bay bridge toll plaza westbound ride that things are definitely filling in here. there had been report of a stall out by a meeting light but it does not appear to be slowing things very much. the drive time is about 20 minutes if you're coming out of the macarthur maze. if you're coming from the store freeway are coming from the nimitz freeway. looking at your san mateo bridge ride highway 92 things have not yet begun to slow here. we are still looking at an 11 minute commute time. at the golden gate bridge 1 01 southbound it is still a good ride as you come in from marin county. the east shore freeway is starting to slow that 13 to 60 minutes drive times for the upper 2 lower east shore freeway. that is a hercules to berkeley commute. west 24 still looks good is out as
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the ride to the san ramon valley where we are problem free. the celebrated all my past is still a typical commute there. wider than usual. we have a problem and palo alto was flooding along sand hill road because of a broken hydrant. it is close at el camino. the north bay ride is still under 25 minutes from the bottle to the golden gate bridge. >> two boys, at 1213 year old and a 12 year old and of arrested for allegedly breaking into a vallejo, instilling a gun. yesterday afternoon police got a call led to weiser's by running across columbus park will carry a rifle case. officers chased them down. if on a 22 caliber rifle and some bullets. lee said it was
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robin's mom on are being drive and were on the way to shoot at them all. there were taken to juvenile hall. it is is the head man is in custody this morning accuse the pose a are my comments that police consider criminal threats. 18 year- old sergio caboclo was arrested for writing that he supports the conn shooters action and that he thought about doing the same thing. here's a photo of him he was arrested at his arm and since then at least 81 to prevent any possibility of a violent act. >> police a woman was sexually assaulted while hiking on a popular east a tray and alamo last wednesday. investigators with east bay regional park police say the victim was inside the last trump was regional wilderness preserve and access the trail using the him avenue entrance. the woman and a male suspect crossed paths with he suddenly pulled her down to the ground. the suspect is being described as a white
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male in his '40's about 5 ft. 9 in. tall weigh 180 lbs. he would brown hair and a pointed nose. east bay regional park police they have increased patrols in the area along the trail. it is 623 a m and we are keeping eight i on weather and traffic. right now it is 44 degrees in walnut creek and we will see a high of 53 this afternoon. colder tomorrow morning.
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>> is 626 and looking at gas prices this morning the national average continues to fall. here's a look at the average bay area average gas prices. incenses' of the average right now is $3.61 per gallon of regular gas. across the bay in oakland is $3.49 a gallon. in the south bay is also $3.49 for regular gallon of gas. the state average right now the california is $3.55 a gallon. >> the government has flatly of with a record $17.4 million fine. this is the car maker has once again failed to quickly report problems of federal regulators and the latest safety recall. this is the fourth fight is she tutorial that in the past two years for similar infractions. liotta says it agreed to pay
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the penalty without admitting any violation of the law. target plans to open a store in alameda next year. the store is scheduled to open in october at the element of the media landing shopping center at merck mariner square loop at star gal ave. the store will be about 140,000 square feet and provide 200 jobs. the minneapolis-based corp. opened 15 new stores stations nationwide in 2013. there's a toy recall >> there is a toy recall to tell you about. as for the toy called walter balz and its other varieties growing skulls, each to zero boards and fabulous flowers. the toy's absorb water and expand 400 times their original size. this can cause problems of child swallows one. a voluntary recall comes after a baby needed surgery to remove it after swallowing one last year. we will be right back.
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>> pollen wall street this morning were the opening bell and futures are positive. >> let's check the future of our weather today. we're getting out to a really cold start. >> the future whether is lucky to be quite cold here. this morning patchy fog in the north bay as well as patchy frost potentially. we're getting no reports of low visibility very tomorrow a frost advisory, a freeze at warning in effect for early tomorrow morning. this will be the coldest weather we see all year long. mostly sunny and dry for the rest of tomorrow, be on that as storm arrives for thursday. widespread rain and it will be breezy. temperatures right now 45 in downtown san francisco, 34 nevado, santa rosa and napa. temperatures
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will continue to drop until the sun rises. 44 in oakland daly city's is in the low 40's fremont and the low forties as well. satellite might are showing quiet overnight but showers moving and north and west of ukiah. then the slight chance of a shower and the north bay otherwise it should be dry. get ready for is a really cold weather to arrive. more details including your seven day a little bit later. >> so far it has been a pretty good ride. we have not been tracking any hot spots are major incidents. the golden gate bridge ride southbound is good. the slow traffic this morning so far is still confined to the east bay with moderate conditions released shore freeway. interstate 8680 in walnut creek. it is already happened 4580 and highway 4 in the westbound direction.
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the peninsula of traffic is still pretty light and so is the ride through the north bay. >> 632 and just into kron4 we are live on the scene in colorado have a shooting. it is a murder-suicide near fort collins colorado. >> all that is north of the hanford, little information available. we are watching moments ago as the police for putting up the tape and people showing up wanting answers to questions. police are unable to give that at this time. five people were found in that workplace subdivision shocked that. we will have to wait for more information. >> it is 632 and more informations we are following in the wake of the school shooting in conn and new town at an elementary school. all the schools and
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that town are reopening for the first time since friday's deadly attack except for sandy hook. it will remain closed. this is where 20 children were gunned down and killed. the gunman then kill themself and he also killed six employees at the school and his mother back at their home. police are saying this is still a crime scene and the school may never reopen. in the meantime school officials are saying this to the are sending this to his that went to sandy hook to a neighboring towns middle school. too little boy is it buried yesterday and today and two little girls. just a catch rekos says she loves horses
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and was asked eagerly anticipating a pair of cowboy boots for christmas spirit. charlotte began is described as being in bundle of energy and loved school. services for both will be held today. at >> i candlelight vigil and pleasanton today to honor those killed in the standing of the elementary school massacre. sponsored by more elementary school pta the vigil will take place from 6 to 9:00 p.m. at amaral park at 3400 dead as drive. the nation's for the family is impacted by the shooting also be accepted at the vigil and can be dropped off at a designated table. checks can be made out to newton savings bank for the sandy hook support fun. we're just learning a price of the local buyback program. just a day after the conn shooting both oakland and san francisco took nearly 600 guns off the street. revolvers, pistols,
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shotguns, rifles, and assault rifles were collected over the weekend. for each downturn in the owner got $200. a lot of the guns were illegal. on saturday 300 were turned in an oakland and 296 in san francisco. >> and east bay high school senior is being mourned today after he was killed in a shooting in san francisco's bayview district. 17 year-old montreal blakely was shot on the first lot of osceola late on saturday night. the concretize to be played on the football team. many students at the school organized be a social me aware black today to mourn him. sampras is the police and not made any the arrest. a preliminary hearing is set for today and the case of a vigilante justice in san francisco. police said as of a teenaged girl are charge of murder man they claim turn their daughter into a prostitute. is the fundamental was killed
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calvin sneed. he was shot to death in june. two other people also been charged with murder in the case. >> clear skies, a chilly out there and 47 in the city. we will have even colder temperatures to wake up to tomorrow. we'll have another look at the forecast with anny in just a bit. and don't forget the favorite way to ring in the new year's for the bay area is always with kron4. you can watch it from the comfort of your living room. it will be concorkron4 is new year's live hosted by catherine heenan and gary radnich. it starts at 1130 so we will see you here on new year's eve.
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>> father in the light is out of colorado this
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morning five people have been found dead in an apparent murder-suicide in weld county colorado. it is near fort collins north of denver. this happened we just learned inside of a home and a subdivision there. hot springs in drive. uc police on scene the take is up and we saw the live shot earlier. neighbors and people who potentially knew the victims coming up the police spot along the tide line asking questions. we will follow the latest and if we find out anything more we will let you know. the airline also with the aftermath of sandy hook elementary school and a shooting on friday cities around the country are reflecting the damage is that guns have done in their own community. in san francisco the number of
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robberies involving a gun nearly doubled from 77 to in 2000 to 129 in 2010. this figure is 0 per 1000 people. these are just the numbers for every 100,000 residents. in oakland a number of unrelated robbery is more than doubled from 180 to 413. meanwhile in san jose the number of robberies rose from 15 to 22 during the same time. >> in the aftermath of the shooting of sandy hook elementary school in new town conn many americans are now supporting stricter gun- control laws. a recent poll conducted between friday and saturday 57 percent said the gun control should be made stricter up 39% in april. three intense that is to be kept the same, were in april
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kept the same. while my percent said gun-control to be made less direct. many of these could keep many of those polled say they are not sure whether stricter gun control laws would have prevented friday's shooting that killed 26 people. >> after the kron4 news that the fellows in new town conn covering the tragedy at sandy hook elementary. it's a topic dr. phil tackles the day at 10, again immediately following the kron4 news.
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>> it is 645 at the top stories we are following all these those schools in new town conn will reopen today except sandy hook elementary school. two of the 20 children who were killed will be laid to rest today. and we'll learn more about the shooter adam lanza who reportedly had aspergers syndrome. as a cold morning so far in the bay area but tomorrow
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will be colder. we will have more on weather and traffic in just a couple of minutes. >> let's talk about wall street this morning. the last check of the dow was positive. it is that a few minutes since a look at the latest numbers. we want to talk to rob black to try to piece together what is moving investors on wall street. first i want to talk about the account deficit which shrank. what is a copit? >> it tells you how business is doing in the u. s market. it came in at a very low number might be you are spending money on guests and american goods. americans are not really spending money on foreign goods as well. typically people are red white and blue which is a great thing. i is a and a
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lack of market activity in the international market. >> also we want to talk fiscal cliff because that made headlines. dss to press made alert a couple minutes ago saying john maynarthey are there it looks like there is a shift. >> the numbers came down to less tax people more who made over a million dollars. that came down and said let's tax people who make over 400,000 which went up from 250,000. it is nice to see that both president obama and banner are working together. obama is revised
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plan would raise about 1.2 trillion dollars down the road. it is not as much money as you would think. the tennessee republican said the deal is not even close. this is just framework at best. >> you said you didn't think there was a deal possible. as a landscape changed? are you starting to think maybe? >> i think there may be something that is possible. he kicked the can down of the road for a couple of months and then for a couple of years. a deal will get done in january, no matter what. can we get some of it done before the holidays? may be a very small amount. when the more in january and then a little more in 2014. >> 6:48 a.m. and take a look at the weather >> we are a little cooler this morning. here is a shot
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above our studios on van ness avenue of. you could see blue skies and lots of them. temperatures are dropping. this morning because season patchy frost especially in the north bay were temperatures around freezing. north bay frost is also possible plant no visibility issues reported. tonight clear skies, it will be cold with temperatures dropping very quickly. frost advisory in effect also a freeze warning. to ventures and napa are around freezing, 33 degrees. santa rosa 33 degrees vallejo year at 3441 in daly city and 44 oakland. there is a chilly start out there about 5 to 10 degrees cooler than what
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we saw yesterday. satellite and radar sow's as we're looking at dry conditions for today. no. are around high and there is some activity going on. you're looking drawn moisture the further away you are from the golden gate bridge. things change thursday and friday will we have a bigger storm system coming this way. our main concern as the process and freezing conditions for early tomorrow morning. get ready for the cold, nor they hear this. the agenda is a freeze at warning. of ross advisory's that a fact and what this means is we would be very cold. you want to cover our bring in your sensitive plants otherwise they will be done. wednesday night you can see we have snow in oregon and seattle.
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we will see cool air makes and with the moisture subfreezing snows toward ukiah as well as wednesday night in the bay area along the coast. you'll see some rain are arriving in the yellow indicating more heavy rain. susan four is expected in the north bay from tuesday to friday. 52 in downtown san francisco 55 in oakland lower 50s for napa of redwood city 53 pleasanton is topping out at around 53 degrees. 7 day around the bay partly cloudy generally for today. some are all you want the heavy- duty winter coat. it will be a very cold morning tomorrow. lots of sunshine for wednesday and then thursday at thursday and friday come the clowns. also breezy conditions so make sure you have your decorations secured. the
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time is 652 and here is george with your traffic. >> we're seeing slower traffic as we start to move closer to 7:00. no major incidents have spots or slow down. we will start at the san mateo bridge with the westbound commute. and the ride looks good eastbound and westbound. your commute to the golden gate bridge 1 01 cell slum here is still an easy ride is piquancy the south of traffic is belly up a bat. there is no delay at all. it is still only 80 minutes drive t southwest 80 is a little sluggish from the 280 to merge. all in all, not a bad
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ride. the rest of the east bay we do have typically heavy traffic there to the westbound 580 ride. 6 as a little slower as the north end of the commute, use a heavier southbound pass this and all grade. the maps are just, i don't know. the broken hydrant at sand hill road at el camino met some flooding on the roadway. they have a closer in the facts of sand hill road has ldand el camino. >> youtube has released its top talen10 at less. the gun on
6:55 am
style beat georgia is the only person on the planet who has not seen as. size that comes out as often tried to 1 billion abuse. others on the lives of the most the videos include connie 2012, and call me maybe by carly raid judge said. >> we will be right back.
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>> is 657 and will be back with top stories coming up and as we learn more about the victims and the tragic events and new town conn. many people in the bay area and in that nation of set about guns and guns being sold. line is cold outside,
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we will have a look at the weather.


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